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It’s always interesting to me when I go through my note app, I’ve been using it and backing it up across different platforms for several years..there’s a lot of information, ideas, quotes I love, concepts, lists, recipes..you name it. 

As I was looking for one of many passwords.. (DSW I covet everything on you!) …I found this quite uplifting, fiercely independent prose that I threw in there back in April. Wonder what was going on?  LOL

Read on:

You’re looking down your nose at me
From all that you don’t see in me
But I don’t base success on you

This is such a foreign view

Preference of peace over acquisition
Experience, life,
Keep your stagnation
I’d rather go and do and be
Forgoing your “stability”

And in the end
When said and done
I’ll have LIVED
Each and every day
‘Til, the very last one.