When it Comes Home

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I don’t know if it’s Texas in August… if it’s August or if it’s just that time in my life. There are whispers among us when we’re in our 30’s. We don’t know if we’re young, old, youngish old, oldish young…or what the hell is up. This is when most of us are in the midst of child rearing and too busy to think hardly and we lose ourselves.

Howeva, WE do not have to walk around aimlessly for that north star. We can be our own. What we want does not have to be so very far from what we have, or can get – as long as we are realistic.  Keyword folks: REALISTIC. At 34, I have to face facts that I will probably not be the next Poet Laureate…and really, does anyone besides me know what that is?  Case? and point.  Nobel Peace Prize? Yeah….I’m not that nice anymore.

My, oh my, the rut I fell into. I should say I drove into it, because I was behind the wheel the whole time. Should have turned INTO the skid. After hydroplaning, hitting the guard rail and kicking my fenders, I’m back in action and the fog…it is a ‘clearin.  I mentioned in my previous post that I need to learn how to be a student. I never was a good one, really, ever. I learn by doing and that’s how I’ve gotten to this point in life, don’t allow me to delude myself into thinking this little section of the world is somehow special. So yes, I want to return to school…and I have a tentative schedule for my return in mind, but need to pen it onto the calendar and call it a plan..then start climbing the rungs to get there. Good news is that I’m already two rungs up.

Unemployment caused a few things to get stupid for me last year and I’m well on my way to recovery and I believe that fall of 2014 is the time of year I will be donning a backpack again and sticking my nose in educational books rather than entertaining ones. If they become one and the same – SCORE! But I doubt that’s going to happen.

Yep. For the next year, I will teach myself study habits, and how to be a student. I’ll start by practicing my eyerolls and gum popping. 😉