International Day of the Girl

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I follow lots of uplifting, inspirational pages on Facebook ..which I presume a lot of us do that look for things to smile about on the regular.  One of my favorites is Women’s Rights News because everything I’ve seen them post holds some interest. This is the page that announced it’s International Day of the Girl as well as National Coming Out Day. 

Doesn’t that make you smile? Thirty years ago being gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual was not even a topic of discussion. Any movements were grass roots at best and did not receive national attention. Our elders and other family members who grew up being shamed for what they were, would be happy, it’s now a world wide topic of discussion and recognized as being yet another facet of the human condition so to speak. Not a malformation, not a mutation or genetic disorder as believed in the past.

I said all that to say this..sometimes we feel like we’re not even moving. We’re screaming at the top of our lungs, the common sensical notions that we believe even the most ignorant of people should hold as fact and know as true…but no one hears us!

Oh but ..they do.  Our aunt’s and uncles, grandparents and great uncles and cousins and their families, on down the line they have been shunned for sharing their truth and now, if those that have gone before us could see us now?  Don’t you think they’d be proud?

These other places in the world that shame their women, maim their children for perceived shameful activity..they are behind yes..but this is not a situation that can last forever. It seems so stupid that people can’t have freedom everywhere in the world..but that, my friends, is the AMERICAN condition.

We believe we’re free, and some of us can even define our freedom..but the rest of us…we’re all a slave to something.

What are you a slave to?