Is 35 a Benchmark?

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I’ll be 35 in roughly 10 days. I don’t approach aging with any kind of fear, at least, not my own aging. My son getting older however, that’s a different perspective. But back to my birthday….because that’s what’s happening soon.

I’ve had at least half a dozen people ask me what I have planned..two years ago I planned a birthday party and it was fun..but I passed out quickly because of a certain shot pusher that attended the party. (Rebecca)

I guess it is a benchmark…let me be real for a moment – I never expected to live this long. I honestly thought that I would die by the time I was 30 (this was my thinking as a teenager nowhere near 20). Then my son was conceived and I discovered that little life would be part of mine…and I was forever changed. I had purpose and goals and something to prove! Let’s not talk about the goals and if they were met, but let’s do talk about that same boy – who is nearly a man now and talks like I did when I was his age, moody like I was and definitely has that same scowly face that I used to give my parentals.

So yeah…35 is creeping up on me…and I have no plans yet…I halfway want to just stay home, get drunk and spend the day in my jammies. How sad is that?


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