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I’ve been mad at myself for a while but I’m letting go of that today. In 2011 I was walked off the highest paying job of my career to date. It wasn’t what many of you would call a lot, but it was a lot to me…and I worked a lot to get it. Also, until recently, my most challenging job, where I also learned a tremendous amount.

All that said, oh how mad at me I’ve been. That was the problem. I took it personally. Despite the personal nature (seemingly) of my relationship with the owners, it was a business decision. Making those hard decisions is what makes you successful. Was it necessary for them to be ugly about it, no..but..humans.

Let me tell you, the fallout since has been a REAL eye opener. I’ve been at this income level before..but I had less bills then…primarily the whole car payment thing. So I posit a question to you…

I’ve thought of returning to school, a lot of single moms do that…but I fear the time away not watching over my son could be detrimental to his future. I’ve thought of getting a second job…same problem. Tired of struggling so much, it leaves me even despondent sometimes.

If this were you, would you continue to struggle for a few more years then reconsider school? Kidlet being nearly 17 means it’s a short time left..maybe through college.



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