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Hello MouthyGirl readers!!! All two of you 🙂

I have decided that every review that I write, which is actually quite a bit, I’m going to start duplicating here. One, so you know I’m alive and two, so that these things I take the time to write will get more traction on these, our lovely interwebs. First up, a book review from a classmate – no I’m not telling you when I graduated. It’s excellent. And right now it’s on sale because she has another coming out very very soon – get ahead of the curve before this lady takes off!

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I read the prologue right after I bought the Kindle version and cursed myself because I had plans that would keep me from actually reading it for several more days.

Once I got my hands back on it, the real world faded and I was immersed in Mackenzie’s life in Florida. JM has a way with explaining a situation so that it doesn’t read like a scene set up. I’ve read other books that were torture for this reason, I felt like I was reading the script to a play, with scene set ups and all. Not so with this storyteller, she was descriptive enough that I found myself picturing the scenes and the feelings.

This book flowed for me and I was so enthralled that I found myself reading it at the sports bar during the playoffs (when it went to commercial and halftime)…mind you I went there specifically to watch the game, but Kindle for Android..and well ’nuff said.

The characters were well developed and had a believable back story that wasn’t overdone, the plot was engaging and I didn’t find myself bored at any time – and that actually happens to me a lot. I’m anxious for the next book, this one had a teaser in it and it’s killing me!


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