Give Me Melatonin!

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Things that build habits…I worry about my habits at times. They aren’t exactly good ones…well not all of them anyway. Some are good…like the whole bathing thing, and deodorant…definitely good.

But drinking, and smoking when I drink…bad bad girl. We’ll skip over some of the rest of my habits, that’s another story altogether 🙂 Fortunately my smoking habit amounts to maybe two packs a week, but that’s still 40 cigarettes.


You know what I miss most? Being a single person – I miss regular sex. That great thing about being able to look left or right in bed and start the process of one thing leading to another. Admittedly, I enjoy the act – and have a fondness for frequency. This doesn’t lend itself to satisfaction as a single girl.

Feel my pain? What are your worst habits? Guilty pleasures? 😉



Bad News

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My baby sister, one of the very first people that taught me unintentionally what love was…has been through some really difficult times. Granted, she chose her path..and she knows that more than’s still a hard row to hoe that she’s picked.

Today I learned that she’s been sentenced to six months in prison..this happened Monday.  I heard yesterday and confirmed it today looking it up myself. Not that I don’t believe what I…yeah I couldn’t believe it. My baby sister..and prison.  I can’t fathom get thoughts, her emotions and how she must have to hide them now. In a different way than before. About a year and a half ago she got a DUI and was sentenced to probation..recently fell off reporting and subsequently a warrant was issued and she turned herself in last month. She’s turning her life around one step at a time and sadly, this one is a doozy.

I have loved her from the day she was born and until the last few years..there wasn’t much she could do wrong in my eyes. So now, there’s this big consequence. For’s six months…and I have no doubt they’ll be difficult. But my nieces and nephew need her..and I hate this for them. My heart broke when I read it this afternoon and I’m still hurting for her..Her babies and my brother in law. Though they’d separated prior to this last year about…he needs her..for their kids.

My heart has taken a beating lately. My son has had to face a cold reality that I never wanted for him. This with my sister…other things with my mom. Besides the bright spot last weekend of my son’s birthday..July has been a dark month.

Wake me up when September ends?

Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends [Offic…:


4 am

4 am Tuesday

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This morning I woke up at 4 am – having gone to bed early, my six hours was up so my body jerked awake. I convinced myself to get out of bed and check the house, I do this at least twice a night, checking the locks, making sure the cat has food and water, etc. After a few minutes I went back to bed until my alarms went off, for which I was quite unappreciative. I had an early appointment today so I had to leave half an hour sooner than my usual. Not a happy camper this girl.

But after waking, I had a very zen morning. Slept more than usual because I went to bed early, got up and only listened to classical music this morning, it was cloudy and I could still hear the water on the streets outside my window, and there’s a cool front that came in overnight. I’ve had a happy Tuesday so far, how about you?



The Certainty of Deception Book Review

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..when I left the story from the first book in this series, I had lived that romance with them, every word I hung from. Wrought with heartache I was trepidatious but excited all at the same time to begin The Certainty of Deception….afraid that the author enjoyed the act of toying with the readers’ emotions, that maybe it was her intent to cost me tears.

..still, I begun to read this tale of Drew and McKenzie – as if they were characters in my life, once I started I only by force was taken from the story, and by force I mean that whole responsibility of adulthood issue that we all share..

Drew, the temperamental, passionate and respectful attorney (the description seems contrary). McKenzie, sensitive, wounded but strong enough to make the decision that’s best for everyone – or so she thought. A classic tale of the best of intentions getting in the way of what is right, and the thing that everyone else knows is right. I loved every bit, every word. The author is able to capture the characteristics and nuances of her characters without over explaining them. I felt myself relating to McKenzie’s strength and feeling for her in her heartache. This is more than some movies have been able to do for me. I found myself anxious for the continuation of the storyline and can’t wait for the subsequent book I’ve heard whispers of 🙂

Excellent read, I recommend – and can’t wait for the sequel.

Check out my review of the first book in the series by Jeanne McDonald.