4 am Tuesday

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This morning I woke up at 4 am – having gone to bed early, my six hours was up so my body jerked awake. I convinced myself to get out of bed and check the house, I do this at least twice a night, checking the locks, making sure the cat has food and water, etc. After a few minutes I went back to bed until my alarms went off, for which I was quite unappreciative. I had an early appointment today so I had to leave half an hour sooner than my usual. Not a happy camper this girl.

But after waking, I had a very zen morning. Slept more than usual because I went to bed early, got up and only listened to classical music this morning, it was cloudy and I could still hear the water on the streets outside my window, and there’s a cool front that came in overnight. I’ve had a happy Tuesday so far, how about you?


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