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My baby sister, one of the very first people that taught me unintentionally what love was…has been through some really difficult times. Granted, she chose her path..and she knows that more than’s still a hard row to hoe that she’s picked.

Today I learned that she’s been sentenced to six months in prison..this happened Monday.  I heard yesterday and confirmed it today looking it up myself. Not that I don’t believe what I…yeah I couldn’t believe it. My baby sister..and prison.  I can’t fathom get thoughts, her emotions and how she must have to hide them now. In a different way than before. About a year and a half ago she got a DUI and was sentenced to probation..recently fell off reporting and subsequently a warrant was issued and she turned herself in last month. She’s turning her life around one step at a time and sadly, this one is a doozy.

I have loved her from the day she was born and until the last few years..there wasn’t much she could do wrong in my eyes. So now, there’s this big consequence. For’s six months…and I have no doubt they’ll be difficult. But my nieces and nephew need her..and I hate this for them. My heart broke when I read it this afternoon and I’m still hurting for her..Her babies and my brother in law. Though they’d separated prior to this last year about…he needs her..for their kids.

My heart has taken a beating lately. My son has had to face a cold reality that I never wanted for him. This with my sister…other things with my mom. Besides the bright spot last weekend of my son’s birthday..July has been a dark month.

Wake me up when September ends?

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  1. Wow MG, I’m so sorry to hear this! I can’t wrap my head around this news either. Six months doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you have young children it seems like a lifetime. I’ll keep her and the family in my prayers.

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