Give Me Melatonin!

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Things that build habits…I worry about my habits at times. They aren’t exactly good ones…well not all of them anyway. Some are good…like the whole bathing thing, and deodorant…definitely good.

But drinking, and smoking when I drink…bad bad girl. We’ll skip over some of the rest of my habits, that’s another story altogether šŸ™‚ Fortunately my smoking habit amounts to maybe two packs a week, but that’s still 40 cigarettes.


You know what I miss most? Being a single person – I miss regular sex. That great thing about being able to look left or right in bed and start the process of one thing leading to another. Admittedly, I enjoy the act – and have a fondness for frequency. This doesn’t lend itself to satisfaction as a single girl.

Feel my pain? What are your worst habits? Guilty pleasures? šŸ˜‰



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