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Today, I will make some confessions. Nothing too scandalous of course…but it’s not stuff I share every day. I get curious…and Facebook, as has been said, makes it stupid easy to be nosy. The two relationships I’ve had in my post husband life constantly war in my mind for attention. It’s like the background music to my daily script of life – some days it’s quieter than others.

Anyways…this past week, I looked both of them up and checked out how they were doing. One has a kidlet now – who as shitty as our thing ended, that kid is cute as it can be. Gag. LOL. The other one..moved a chickie in with him a month after I broke it off.

I know. Supah fast – but that’s part of the reason I broke it off, he was speeding to a destination that was never part of my trip. I once made a joke about being a commitment phobe, and he laughed about it – but it didn’t stop the pushing. Even when he wasn’t talking about it directly – he would hint. It got old and I became resentful and I had to end it. The thing is, as mad as I might have been at either at any time – I still want to see that they’re doing well. I don’t necessarily want to interact. But I like to know they’re living reasonably well. Some call that crazy…I think when you love someone it never really goes away. Maybe it just manifests a different way.

There’s my Friday confessional, what you got?


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