Don’t Call Me Crazy

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You want to know a real fast way to piss me off? Not only that, I’ll likely stop talking to you and if you were a dating prospect – you just excluded yourself. There’s this stereotype about women, that we’re all crazy. Curious: Does that mean that the stereotype that all men are stupid dogs is true? I didn’t think so. Tell you what will happen though, even if intended as a joke, I’ll get as close to hating a person as possible, only I won’t care enough to keep thinking about it. There’s this meme that’s often circulated by the male persuasion, for instance:

Complete Bullshit. I’ve met a lot of very attractive women – and guess what? Not crazy. Here’s what probably happens that causes a guy to call a girl crazy. She has standards. She wants you to have your own place, car, and keep both relatively clean. Oh and stop talking to your cat when you’re on the phone.

If you:

a. Live with your mom;
b. Live with your ex;
c. Can’t bring her to your home for really vague reasons;
d. ..are crazy yourself;
e. Have a felonious past;
f. Can be found on a list of registered people;
g. Wear so much camo you CAN’T be found;
h. Have a litter of children.

..then trust that she’s not crazy. She just doesn’t want you. What really perturbs me the most, is other females perpetuating this nonsense.
shes crazy

DO NOT DISMISS MY EMOTIONS (ANGER, FRUSTRATION) AS CRAZY. Doing so just proves you are an asshole who doesn’t know how to use his words or handle a human with complicated feelings and emotions. GROW THE FUCK UP! This is what that kind of bullshit makes me think:

this is the truth

Also, if you know a girl that is doing what would be considered crazy by most people’s standards…I’ve got a few choice words for you:

dont call me crazy

I feel better. Ah. 😉


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