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On the level…I’m pretty overwhelmed today. Agreed to take my third job last night, got paid in advance for work I’m doing Saturday. No complaints there šŸ˜‰ That said, THREE JOBS. What was I thinking? I am one day shy of finishing my 30 day squat challenge and have not missed a single day. Took the commanded rest days and did all the squats I was supposed to…I’m proud of me. Ooooh and my pretty pretty biceps y’all. I’m loving my guns. I’m noticing other things too but I’ve decided I’ll only be taking my measurements every two weeks. Honestly I’m not in a race to get to some number or measurement, keeping track of my progress is what’s most important. I don’t want to micromanage this – if it’s too much work it won’t stick.

So I’m taking it at a comfortable pace, and not getting all anal retentive about my measurements or the number on the scale. I am pretty curious how much my boobs weigh though..having never considered that before – do I get to add that as weights when I’m doing crunches? LOL I’m kidding..kinda – unless it counts.

My biggest obstacle right now is food. I am not an eater. We won’t talk about italian food. (Kryptonite) I hate cooking, I hate shopping and you combine those two and I think I’m not giving myself enough of the nutrients I need. I’m also stingy, so I am not in a hurry to buy shakes, however I’m thinking – I may have no choice. Over my last few weeks of food charting, last week I bombed and didn’t do it, but I’m eating less and less, rather than more and more. I think this is contrary to what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m going to share the circuit I’ve been working, even though I think I’m about to change it completely and start focusing more on smaller muscle groups each day. Now that the habit is there and I feel guilty when I don’t do something to further these healthy goals every day lol.

Now if I could just feel that guilty about food. Hmph! I’m struggling today, I was up til midnight working on a report, got up and worked another hour on it before doing my 95 squats for the day, 95!!!

Now I’m off to work! Today is torso day, so I’ll come home, relax for a short period, emphasis on short. Finish my report, work my torso circuit and then if I feel up to it, one movie for movie night at the local watering hole (who just fired one of my favorite bartenders, the assholes – no I don’t care the reason – I loved her), and then home to fall out most likely.

Wish me luck!!

My Workout

LOL and here are the drawings I did so I’d know what to do without having to stop and stare at my phone or something – to keep going.
Illustrated by MouthyGirl


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