The Fear

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About a year ago I decided to stop letting fear keep me from things, and it seemed the decision led to a lot of pleasant changes. However, as we mortals will do, we take a while to learn every facet of the decisions we make, and recently I think I’ve come to realize that I’m still affected and dissuaded from things because of it.

I’ll explain. There have been recent decisions in my life thatI feel now were motivated by fear, and that is the exact circumstance I was hoping to avoid. But BAM! In my face a few days ago..and I was bummed. The funny thing is that as time passes, I begin to forget my motivations and sometimes idealize things that don’t deserve that attention or the spin I put upon it. The cloud of emotion mucks up every damn thing doesn’t it?

At what point do I let it lie and just leave it alone? How long do you analyze a decision once it’s made to be sure it’s the right one? What if you change your mind and it’s too late, is that justice or is it a challenge?

Damned Mondays.


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