Mad, He Deserves Better

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My son and I have an honest relationship. I don’t like everything he tells me, but…he tells me. I prefer to know what’s going on in his life rather than wonder, uncomfortable or not…It’s my job to be here for him.

Knowing that his father couldn’t be bothered is a huge burden, and one I never wanted my son to know. However, my ex husband took that right from my hands and intruded on a birthday party. Granted, the birthday party was for his mother, there were several others he’d missed, just because.

That just because, was drugs. To this day his actions are selfish, and my son deserves worlds better than that. He deserves to know that the people who love him, do so unconditionally. Regardless of his attitude, my son is a smart, funny kiddo and anyone who had a chance would be remiss in not exploring that potential and knowing him. He is a beautiful soul..and I get to say that because I’m his mom.

I look forward to my son having children with a woman he adores. Those kids will be loved like none other, and will be lucky for it.

That’s all I got folks.


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