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What is with you men?? I understand, believe me, that sex is on the brain 100% of the time. But do you have to be so damned obvious and vocal about it? Trust, it is on my mind too. A lot! But I can communicate with someone I’m interested in without talking about it constantly or giving that look like all I want to do is make out, while I learn about them and decide if time in the sack is something I’d like to share with them.

I realize this may not be true for every female that is dating while simultaneously in her mid 30’s. Some of us are just out to get laid, I sure as hell was for a couple three years. But I’m over it, and I want something a little more serious, like that thing they call a relationship – and a situation that’s a bit less flighty. So can you just understand if I quit talking to you that it’s because I think you have no regard or respect for me as a person?

Oh, I know you respect my boobs. Great, you want me. I am more than this body. I am more than these boobs. I am more than this smile and these lips. I have a brain that functions quite well, I have the ability to crack jokes…and be fun, and call you on your bullshit or teach you something you don’t know. I am actually interesting! There is so much in this vertical world to see and experience!

I love horizontal olympics too – but I want to be treated like I matter – like you value my thoughts because I have life experience that could potentially be useful to you someday, not just my sex. Here’s a news flash that you don’t want guys, there are enough toys on this planet that those of us who are over the child bearing part of our lives can virtually replace you with! I can buy my own drinks, I can pay my own bills and I can give myself my own orgasm. BOOM. So what the fuck do you have to bring to the table now? Try your actual brain. I like that shit.




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  1. The male and I have this discussion quite often, actually. He says most guys aren’t good guys and just want sex. I operate under the assumption that there are plenty of good guys left… some of them are even those same guys a few years later.

    The reason you see more of the “bad guys” is because they are generally more vocal, more prideful and more confident. Dating is a numbers game and the proverbial pond has significantly increased with the creation of the internet and dating apps. As long as you’re clear and consistent on what you want/will put up with, eventually someone comes along and they just get it.

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