Day Two, Twenty Fifteen

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I finally faded away into sleep around 11:30, to awaken once at 2:44, again at 3:47 and for the last time at 4:35 when I gave in to my insistent need to be awake. At first I got up and walked around a bit to see if I still felt sleepy. Went to the kitchen and stared at the coffee maker, not quite committed enough to the day to start a pot.

I went to the front windows and peeked out to see how the weather was, ugh – rainy and gross, touched the window, also cold. I looked at the cat and told him we should trade places today. I walked back to the kitchen as he mewed and then followed. Taking his duties as a speed bump seriously, he parked his furry rear right behind my legs in front of the coffee maker. I’m fairly certain he is always playing “Kill All Humans” with himself.

I grind up some coffee beans, mixing two types to make the tasty chocolate hinted beans go a little further, and start my coffee for the morning. Since I got up before the sun, I scrambled some eggs and stuck them in the microwave to cook. As I waited for the eggs and coffee to be ready, I thought through some of my goals, and steps I’ll need to take to get to them, or closer to them.

It gives me more peace of mind than I thought to have a plan. When I was in my early twenties I thought it immensely important to plan everything, and I did, up until my mid twenties, I had plans for everything I did. Then my personal life started traveling down a hill, picking up more snow, getting heavier and heavier slowing me down. But here I am, with a five year plan, clear steps to take in my mind. There is freedom in planning – when I have idle time, I can look upon it and see if I can get closer to my goals somehow. I can be moving towards these things always. That’s the freedom, it’s freedom from boredom.

My coffee is ready, the eggs are ready, time to eat, drink and get ready for this day. I have a late dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant with an Irishman. 🙂

Happy Friday beauties! Do you have a plan?


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