Self Aware?

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Sometimes I have to sit back and look at who I am. Deciding if I’m happy with this version of me, or if I’m not, what shall I improve? This sounds far simpler than it is….believe it or not, self improvement requires self awareness…and that’s a jagged little pill friends.  What’s really terrible is finding that you’re unhappy with the person you are, and not getting down in the dumps, but instead- seeing the challenge presented to improve.

I’d hazard that the majority of people just go with the flow…never stopping to look at themselves objectively….which is a fine existence I imagine…but not enough for me. I want self actualization, I want to know that I’m consistently improving. I want to be remembered, by any that would, fondly.  So because of that desire, I need to self examine, adjust and do it again.

You might ask, how do I know it’s time to do this? When I find myself feeling boredom, stagnant, or desperate. Any of these three or a combination of several or all, those are my heads up feelings. I’m not always astute as I’d like to be, but it’s better than the alternative. Being lost in this world with no direction or goals…I don’t want that.


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