Big Dreams of a Tiny Footprint

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I wrote the title and laughed and decided to keep it, I already have a tiny footprint because I have small feet. LOL

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned this here yet, but I have an obsession with Tiny Homes, RV’s and the notion of Tiny Living. Since my trip to Colorado and subsequent return, what sticks with me the most is that feeling I had when I pulled out of DFW and onto the main highway that would eventually take me out of Texas to a state I’d never visited, New Mexico, and then Colorado.

I felt freedom like you read about, the passion in Free Fallin (Tom Petty), the freedom of charting my own path and that of my sons’, however temporary. Let me tell you something, it is absolutely ENTHRALLING to loose yourself of the things that tie you down and just get up and GO. There is no way I can describe it that you would understand until it happens for you. I felt so small and so big all at the same time. Towing a trailer of all my worldly possessions that was barely big enough for both of our beds. There are feelings that are great and then there are those experiences that everyone should have to enhance the human condition. This is one of them.

So back to the subject, tiny homes. My friend Mindy posted something on her Facebook, and mind you, she’d been sharing things here and there and I’d seen them but never investigated. Whatever day that was those months ago, changed my life. As my son has gotten older I have felt more and more strongly about minimizing the crap I have and freeing myself from the chains of belongings.

So I’ve saved several photos of homes I can see myself in, as of today, I have added the possibility of buying an Airstream and making it my home. Regardless of what I decide, in a few short years I will be in the market to buy an RV to live in while I save to build my tiny home. The first one I could see myself living in and researched about the build was a cottage style tiny home, completely solar powered. It’s a model made by Palm Harbor homes and it is just gorgeous! Check this beautiful tiny home out!

Fully built out with Palm Harbor providing all appliances, prepping the site, etc, would cost about $75000. A bare bones version of the same would cost approximately half that, I can handle that!! I’ve seen so many and still this is the one that I want to have built on a foundation for a tiny home, most likely on the coast but we’ll see. Just today I think I might have decided to buy an Airstream and live in it maybe permanently but definitely at least as long as I am saving and having my tiny home built on a foundation.

Let me show you some pictures and maybe you’ll understand. I know tiny living isn’t for everyone – some people just need to spread out. I don’t need stuff to feel complete, I just need words, the internet and books to be happy. Let’s not forget the Mavericks šŸ˜‰ #MFFL

On with the Airstream Dream photos!

Tiny House Talk is where I get my daily tiny home porn, the airstream and more if you search, can be found here.

What do you think of Tiny Homes? Have you seen “Tiny” on Netflix? I just think the lifestyle will be perfection for me, and I’m SO EXCITED about it!!


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