Smart + Awkward = Clueless at Dating

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This morning I did a little digging around on Google for dating tips. I’ll be the first to admit that I was in my own world in my teenage years, as well as in my twenties. I had gotten lucky that I had found people interested enough to get past my awkwardness and liked me regardless. I say that, sometimes they were lucky but whatever. All of it was a learning experience. Most recently I decided, since I’ve not had the best of experiences dating, maybe I don’t know jack or squat about what my type is?

That was instinct talking and I listen to that shit. So, in deciding that, the possibilities opened up as I stopped prejudging people. Intentional or not, we do this – I’m not proud of it, but we ALL do it. So I made the decision to stop ruling out certain things, because you know what matters to me? That I’m loved, thoroughly and deeply, I want to be loved. I want to know that it’s ME, that this man loves, my eyes, my smile, my mind, my body, my everything, that I am the ONE, from my empathy and generosity to my bitchy and sometimes bleeding heart views. I’m a feminist who is fiscally republican and socially independent. Yeah. Figure THAT shit out.

But if/when he does, and he loves me anyways, or even if he doesn’t, and he loves me anyway, BE MINE. I digress, though. I started this to tell you about a writer, Dr., author, blogger, TED guest, that I have discovered. He’s written a book called the Tao of Dating. After reading some of the blogs, and watching a TED talk or two…I can say this – that guy is really smart. Seems to me that it would be worth it for all of us to read the book for our gender. The Tao of Dating® by Dr. Ali Binazir promises to teach smart, awkward women (raises hand) how to be desirable, and still strong and powerful.

I recommend it, I have ordered it and I think that we could all benefit from his advice. Search him out on, you’ll see how valuable this input is for yourself. Now you tell me, what’s the best dating advice you ever received? It has to have served you well in your life, not just something you heard that you agreed with..

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  1. I never got dating advice because I was raised by a single father. Nothing other than, be successful then get married and MAYBE have kids. I spent most of early dating life not taking anyone seriously because I wasn’t successful enough yet.

    Because of that though, I realized that dating (at least for me) is a sheer numbers game. You just keep working at it until you know what you do and dont like, what you will and wont do, who is worth it and who is not. Eventually someone that has been through the same process and is where you are will come along and you will will click.
    Lauren´s last blog post ..LBD: Lovely in Lace

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