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I am not an artistic person unless we’re calling writing an art..and even that I’m a little skeptical about. However, as a means to encourage nail growth and take up something to keep me busy, several years ago I started painting my nails regularly and challenging myself with nail art. Shut up, I know how girly this is, I don’t give a fuck. I’ve done some amazing nail art, even by my own standards…and given this little hobby hours upon hours of my time, but now, I’ve got it down for the most part – and I do a pretty badass job on them regularly.

We won’t talk about how ragged they look when I get sick though…sheesh. Friends want me to do theirs, I oblige within reason – honestly I do this for me, not for recognition – though now that I’ve decided to write about it – I should probably hush about the recognition bit huh? Anyways, I did one Sunday while I vegged that I am quite proud of…take a look 🙂

I love it!

I love it!


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