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…when I come here to write, most of the time an idea sparked my interest and I pursued it immediately. In the early years of MouthyGirl I would go to lunch from my 9 – 5 alone and brainstorm into a tiny little notepad while I ate. I would come up with series ideas, singular posts, there was always some random poetry in there as well.

…in recent months I’ve begun reading things to inspire my inner storyteller, started reading writing prompts and things like that to try to reignite my creative fire that used to burn untapped when I was younger. Life and taxes will kill your inspiration folks, I mean to tell ya. So many great writers have gone before me, and these words I leave here may never leave any marks but these – but I know every word that I have read of a blog, an article, a book, a comment, etc – has worked it’s way into the folds of my brain and made its own little impact in its own way.

…unlike most times when I come to this interface – I came devoid of any ideas, I just started writing. As much as I like to preach, “do the damn thing” well, money find mouth because here I sit, DOING THE DAMN THING. I’m hoping an idea will work it’s way out of my fingertips but at the moment the only thing working it’s way out of my fingertips is the pain from me burning the shit out of middle finger last night with boiling water. Genius move, just saying….but the tuna salad I made – now that’s just some super delicious foodstuff.

At the very least, and if nothing else, the process of writing is cathartic, even if you don’t end up ever seeing those words. If this post doesn’t find some direction it may be another that is forever relegated to the Draft graveyard. Where words float around unread, rhymes float by unsaid. Will anyone ever see those drafts? Those posts I’ve taken down after they were there for years? Doubtful, no one seems to be as interested in this, and having only had a son, who is pretty macho if you ask me, I don’t think my words will be at all sentimental to him. But what do I know, right?

Alright. I’m gonna post this rambly thing..


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  1. I think as your son ages, he will really grow to appreciate your words. One day when you are gone, you will live on through this, and your stories can be told as many times as he wants them to be told.

    It is important to humanize our parents as we get older and I think this will do exactly that. (Not to mention, I love reading these!)
    Elle´s last blog post ..Flawless?

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