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I’m sitting in the park, looking at the bare trees and the ground maintenance people mowing the grass. This is one of the bigger parks in the area and it is gorgeous to drive through.

I needed the serenity today. It seems no matter how I try to stay mindful of the little things to appreciate, I forget them in favor of bigger problems that surely need my brain power to be worrying over them. Right?

There aren’t a lot of things I want in this life, but the few that I do, I want badly. I want a big love, I want to travel, I want to grow old and see what becomes of my son. The rest of the things I desire are just window dressing.

Last year was an extremely disheartening year, and while we are nearly through the first quarter of the year, I’m still shaking the after effects. As I predicted, 2015 has already been much better, thankfully!


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