A Change Will Do You Good

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It’s the ever popular hump day and I am planning my weekend, unless I’m forgetting something, I’ll be in most of the time – working on my future. I’m laying the groundwork for freelance work and a career change, that is in an industry that is sometimes seasonal and definitely a feast or famine situation. Fortunately for me, my skillset is vast and I can spread myself across several things to keep afloat once I “fire my boss”. It’s a five year plan currently – but we all know how these things go sometimes. I could get very lucky and my freelance work take off – getting me there faster, or the alternative which we just won’t talk about because, let’s be honest, I’m on that hustle.

I have yet to fully commit to something that wasn’t successful. Outside of human relationships of course. Work, how to give people what they need so they’ll pay me – I can figure out how to make people exceedingly happy.

I know A LOT of people that want more than they have – but rather than do anything about it, they settle in to complacency and piss and moan about it constantly. Ships that don’t come in, lottery tickets that didn’t win, jobs they didn’t get, grades they couldn’t make……there’s always something. Sure, there are some things we just aren’t going to be able to do, gotta make your peace with that and move on. I’ll never be president – you probably won’t either, if you aspired for such a thing, I highly doubt you’d be lurking around these parts.

I would like nothing more than to spend my weekend goofing off, I did that last Saturday and wasted some time that could have been better spent towards my endeavors. (But I did watch some pretty good movies, all told.) It’s been several years since I built out a website and I had forgotten how time intensive it can be..when you’re a perfectionist anyway.

Who knew I’d be planning a move to self employment at my age? I kinda wish I had…


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  1. Crazy how that works. We were just having that talk last night in the Monus/Cokes house. “If only I knew what I wanted when I was 20…” or “I should have started way earlier…”

    Truth is, we have to have those years figuring out what we don’t want so we aren’t somewhere in our 30s saying, “I should have had more fun.” or “I wish I had lived more life.” It is all relative and that’s why I like life. It keeps me interested.
    Elle´s last blog post ..Trendy Under Twenty

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