In the bag

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I put all your shit in a bag
It’s out of sight and I can be mad
I’ve never been done so dirty
What a lonely world you must live in
Myself, I live in Paradise City
On my worst days I still won’t give in

being cruel for the sake of doing it?
Living in a world with pain all around?

I refuse
I choose moving forward, eyes on the prize
If memories are all I’ll have
I won’t idealise
How silly I looked! Oh, I must have
What a game you play
I was in the bag
Ready to go with you, all the way
and now, all that’s left of you
Is in a bag.


2 thoughts on “In the bag

  1. I’m bent on trying to just forget it. Not that I’ve been successful. Too trusting, I tell ya. But yes, drinks soon and just because… 🙂

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