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I went to the TMobile store to handle some business today on my lunch break. I walked in and within three steps I was face to face with a girl named “In Training” who is, like the majority of people, taller than me. I was a little put off by it, because it seemed like I’d been bumrushed, but I am a little more paranoid/standoffish than a lot of people. Then her trainer comes around and they’re asking when I’m in there to do, and the trainer asks me what kind of phone I have, I’m still pimping my 2 year old Galaxy S4, I don’t have a desire to constantly upgrade.

She made a face like she was eating bad cheese. My immediate thought is, “Ya’ll sold me this shit, what the fuck is that face for?” I did say the latter part, sans the swear. She (not even kidding) said, “Girl, let us upgrade ya”. Look, I know it’s their job to sell, but to act like a product YOUR COMPANY sold me is suddenly inferior enough to warrant bad cheese face is, in my opinion, bad form.

I can’t even think of a good analogy for this mess and I’m good with those y’all. I think people get so caught up trying to sell crap to you that they forget common sense. I didn’t upgrade my phone, won’t upgrade my phone. Especially not on a damn whim – I have WAY too much stuff on that thing to give it up like that. But why fix what isn’t broken? I can’t be bothered to give a fuck about the Jones’. Not to mention every time a phone puts out a new model, it’s bigger than the prior. My palms are 4″ x 4″ and with my fingers extended tip to wrist, my hands are each 7″. My S4 is PLENTY big for my hands.


I’m pretty happy with this phone, and I own it. I feel good about this and I’m keeping it. When did these tiny computers become so disposable?


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