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There are a lot of little philosophies we develop throughout life, some of us share them, some of us don’t, but we all have them. One that seems to cross my mind frequently is old, but good, “There’s a time and a place for everything”.

I believe that to be 100% true and valid, within reason, let’s not go off on a tangent here about exceptions. I think of this phrase as it pertains to my own behavior as well as others, more often others. Not that I’m infallible, but I already act according to my own philosophies most of the time anyways. I believe certain philosophies we carry should be shared with the younger generation, the best way to learn is to learn from someone else’s mistakes, rather than your own.

If the younger generations listen to our rhetoric and pay attention to what we do, they can have a much better effect on the world than we did. This is the way the chain of life is supposed to go, each generation gets smarter, better and more caring about this rock we live on.

One of my other philosophies is that our children have to develop a love for the outdoors before we allow them to spend mass amounts of time with technology. By technology I mean gaming and other recreational technology use that doesn’t lend them to gaining more knowledge. By all means teach them to code, teach them to work with robotics, throw so much at their minds that it’s forced to adapt to learning quickly. Technology has provided a closeness to others in the world that we’ve never known before and communication across the world happens all the time – that’s exciting. But it’s not everything. We have a world right here at our fingertips to enjoy and appreciate right here in HD color right in front of our eyes, without the threat of tired eyes from staring at a screen.

Summer is coming and the kids will be out of school soon, if you have no limits on technology for your children now, I encourage you to do so before they are allowed to have the days consumed by their gaming systems, tablets or cell phones. There is more to life, THERE ARE PEOPLE.


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