Held Back

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I’ve left no words unspoken
My once cold heart is open
Fully; and
Perhaps for the first time.
I have held you; and at once
Knew that I need you
I have loved you; and fell
I don’t just want you
I want you to come back; and
Never leave again
You took a part of me with you
I reach for you in my dreams
Look for you upon waking
Each of these days seem
Hard for the taking; and
I’ve risked it all
For you; and it’s the first time
I have not held back.


2 thoughts on “Held Back

  1. I think the best part about poetry is that it hits different nerves with everyone that reads it. It is so forgiving with interpretation. This same poem can invoke pain or happiness depending on your own experience. You do such a beautiful job!
    Elle´s last blog post ..Lilly Pulitzer for Plus? Pul-ease!

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