My Pursuit of Happiness and Wealth

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Tiny home living is near and dear to my heart, it is my future and the only way I can see that I can finance all of the things I want to do in this life without being a slave to credit card companies, or incurring a mountain of debt. Living tiny. My plan consists of minimalizing the crap I have, because it’s just stuff, and scaling down out of apartment living or renting and living in an RV until I have enough saved to build a tiny home. Will it drive me crazy? Maybe, but I doubt it. You know what makes me nuts? Looking around at my, now larger apartment (since my move), and realizing I’m not going to be using half of it. It’s frustrating to know that I’ll be heating, cooling and living in a dwelling where half is unused.

I’ve been a single mom since my son was 3, we have always struggled and I’m too proud to go on gubment assistance, these all were seeds planted that have led me to this near fanaticism to do this. Last year when I learned about tiny homes and really started researching it, it was the answer to my answerless question, “How does a person survive in this economy without being a slave to corporate america?” Tiny home living is the answer, imo.

I’m not the only one this move will concern however, my son is a big part of my home and I don’t expect at that point that he’ll have left home yet. He will turn 18 in a few short weeks, but still needs to finish high school and go to college. I simply refuse to wait until he’s out of higher education to make this change, he’ll just have to adapt. I’m long since over cleaning up space that I don’t see as necessary, or using space that doesn’t have everything in it that I want.

I have not ever really been much of a conformist when it comes to thoughts about money or how to live, I like to apply what I call the common sense quiz when I’m thinking about how to use my money.

Will I use what I’m about to pay for/ buy frequently? (get my money’s worth)
Do I have the money to pay for this right now? (living within my means)
In one week will I still want/need this? (need vs want)

Usually answering those questions will help me to arrive at my conclusion about whatever I’m about to spend money on; I don’t have credit cards, don’t want them. I’ve checked out the nearest well rated RV park to my job, and it’s in an area I’m already fond of, that has all the conveniences I’m accustomed to having and it’s nearly half the cost of my current apartment to live in the community. When I think about that large of a reduction in my bills, I get very anxious to DOITRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOWRIGHTNOW!

The older I get, the more impulsive I’ve become. I’ll make a decision and just act, within days, maybe it’s not impulsive – could be I’m just not over thinking anymore….yeah we’re going with that one. When I want to do something, I just do it, and buying an RV to live in is going to be amazing, it’ll grant me all the financial freedom I’ve lost to working to live…and THAT my friends is my end game. I am SOSICKANDTIRED of working to live. At 36, I’ve already been working for 22 years and I’ve spent all of that taking care of other people, including myself of course, but now that I can turn that focus onto how I want to spend my latter years, living tiny is the way for me – I’ve even started thinking about who I can give my heirlooms to when I’m ready to part with them. Because that is going to happen. My connection to material things with very few exceptions, was effectively eliminated with my temporary move to Colorado.

It’s a tiny home for me folks. THAT is my pure utopia.


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  1. Tiny homes do seem like a great way to live. I’m not sure official tiny would work for me as I would like a nice kitchen. But the rest of the house can be compact for sure. My only other concern is almost all of the designs I’ve seen have stairs to the bedroom loft. Some are ok looking but others I can’t imagine spiderman climbing! I’ve been looking at small houses (6-800sqft) that are 1 floor. I think that would fit me better than truly tiny houses. Good luck to you MG! May your dreams come true sooner than later!

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