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Five days a week I work across the hall from a doctors’ office. The largest demographic of clientele are elderly or injured. Most of the time, I am zoned into the duties of my job and barely notice the foot traffic in my line of sight. Occasionally I look up while I’m thinking over something or because something caught my eye and I’ll see regular people, with kind faces opening doors for each other, helping their injured or elderly loved ones, friends, patients; as they walk inside the clinic and take their place in line to see the doctor. I see people hop up from where they are sitting to get the door for someone who has come alone and is on a walker or in a wheelchair.

They sit patiently and make conversation with each other, and others in the clinic and generally it’s a friendly little crowd in that waiting area – and it IS most definitely a crowd from 8-5 any given weekday.

As our nation sits back and discusses the general consensus on the Confederate Battle Flag, I want to call attention to this very human activity of coexisting peacefully. Sharing space with other people suffering maladies, having bad days, living with constant pain – and they all somehow remain civil, peaceful and even friendly.

Life is hard for everyone at some point, we would do well to remember that we all suffer from the human condition, practice a little empathy, be nice to each other and prepare to be in awe of the humanity out there to be witnessed. It ain’t ALL bad folks.


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  1. I love this! I think about it all the time because I am guilty of being …uh, impatient…. with people on the road or in everyday situations. I really have to stop myself and think about if their intentions were truly to be an idiot when my first thought is, “$@&*! this #(@*#)@*”

    … I use a lot of expletives. A lot and often.
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