Tiny Envy or Big Envy of Someone’s Tiny?

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On my way to work this morning, on a main drag that goes from Dallas to Fort Worth, there I sat at a light, watching the clock out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw like a mini SUV – with the tiniest, cutest 5th wheel trailer I have ever seen in my LIFE! There was a spare tire on the backside (I stayed stopped and watched as it rolled by) and little flowers along the middle around the outside.

I know I had the cheesiest smile on my face and I wanted SO badly to turn around, chase her down and ask to see the inside. But alas, I don’t invite myself to people’s homes and I would’ve been late for work. WOMP. WOMP. WOMP.

Sidenote for you lovelies:
The picture above is what I could find under all of my attempts to find an image matching what I saw. However, I refuse to just find something random on the internet, I will ONLY use license free images and thusly, this is the image I could find that I liked enough to fit this post. It’s a dining table in a camper that’s completely cute!! I can see myself on the right side, mowwing (OW-ing with an m in front is how you pronounce that word) down on some chicken or pulled pork out of my crock pot. (My friends could tell you I would survive just fine with only a crock pot).


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