Are You Still Reaching?

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Can you look at yourself in the mirror? Or, better question, when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? Are you in that place where you look at it if you’re doing something, like putting on makeup, but never just to look at yourself?

I’ve been where you are. I’ve been in that place where my favorite movie was about a divorced woman with a pre-teen kid, who’s ex cheated on her with her best friend and to boot, is a complete ass. Why? Because I identified with that. I could almost feel her pain, depression and anger. I could feel it, it was mine, and it helped me to know that someone else felt like that too at some point. Maybe not Sandra Bullock, but the person who wrote it, misery does indeed love company, there’s a lot of truth to that.

I have a challenge for you, I undertook it about a year and a half ago and it really improved my outlook and respect for myself. The challenge is this, open the mirror on your visor in your car, point it at yourself so if you look up, you make eye contact with yourself. Now, look at that everyday for at least ten seconds, while stopped, not while driving! Do this for 30 days, I ended up doing it for 60 – I felt like I needed a little longer at it, I was in a pretty low place then. Now, look at what you see there, it’s likely a few really sad things that you read in your eyes, but an interesting thing will happen – after a few days you’ll start seeing good things, that your eyes are kind, you have smile lines that brighten your expression, your eyebrows are always on fleek…. Go ahead and smile at yourself too if you feel like it – you’re gorgeous! You’ve made it this far intact, who knows what else you can do!

The thing you want to gain from this is the absolute belief that you can accomplish the goals that you have, the dreams you dare to dream. There are better things to be had still. You can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to research the path that will work for you and then set out on it. So, my dear readers, ARE YOU STILL REACHING?

This post was originally written on February 20, 2008, and I am currently going through the archives of MouthyGirl’s pages and updating many, fixing links, and revamping some of my posts like this one.


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  1. Hope is something we all look for and something we all want to reach for. I believe so much in hope and it is still achievable for anyone. I did watch Hope Floats and it was such a great movie. I had forgotten about it until I read this post and it all drifted back into my brain, haha. :roll: I do love who I am and being myself, I mean, we all live life once, so why spend it depressed and sad? If hope is in our heart, we can reach for it or try our best to reach for it. What have we got to lose?

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