Like a Country Song

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I think of him more often than I like to admit, to anyone. That’s why I don’t tell anyone. I’ll wake up with him fresh in my mind and I’ll close my eyes again to look at him longer. In a short time and with a few words he had me spellbound. I don’t know if he knew what he was doing, he seemed like he did. When he smiled my heart melted and I wanted to touch him, hearing his voice when he sang to me was wonderful. Tickling my ears, soothing my mind and forcing a spontaneous smile.

I tried so hard not to take him seriously. It was too hard and I did, even though I really did know better. I know as it wound down that I would have ended it, there was too much about him that didn’t mesh with me, but oh the things that did. I suppose there are times when great things can only happen for a short time. I hope to find another that shares that spark with me. There was electricity between us and we both knew it. Now that I know how that feels, everything else will pale by comparison. I’ve deleted all but two of his photos from everything, and I can’t bear to get rid of those just yet, though I am only torturing myself when I come across them.

He looked like my favorite actor when he smiled his crooked smile but it worked on his face. I’m gonna put his memory down for a while, try to cover it up with whiskey as I do at times.


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