Mercy on my Heart

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I think we can all agree that drunk texting is an absolutely horrible idea, especially if it’s not to a current love/friend/person in our lives. Sometimes a person being in our past is enough to keep us from contacting them, especially when we’re mad. Those of us with willpower of course.

I’ll concede that most times, I resist the temptation, I haven’t always been so strong though. For instance, last night. Lawdy people, you’d think I was 14…in my mind I was all angst, but had a smile on my face and I was being social and all that jazz.

Against my better judgement, last night I did exactly that. To the most recent someone that put a scar on my heart. To my shock and surprise however, I got a response this morning. Which reminded me that I had done that last night, then deleted, I was sure there would be no response and I didn’t want to remember what I’d been thinking about last yes, I deleted it before I fell into a drunken slumber.

But the answer. There was a tiny exchange and thank all that is good in this world, he had mercy on me. Boy do I ever feel foolish, but at the same time – after his disappearance from my world, any response was going to shake me. In the name of transparency, I’ll share the exchange.

Drunk MG: Much as I might hate it, I still miss you.

Disappeared Guy: Why

Mad at herself MG: In those moments, I still believe you meant everything you said.

Disappeared Guy: Good cuz I did.

Shocked MG: Thank you for that.

I leave you with a song.


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