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I’ve forayed off into country now for almost the whole’s highly unusual. I grew up listening to country and rock and there was a similarity in that most of it was storyteller music. The music was an artful form of expression, the story the expression of love, pain, lust, whatever – it was beautiful. I had to explore some other genres for a while…ok a decade.

Anyways, I’m back into it, hook line and sinker, and one of my favorites lately is a song called “Say You Do”, I’ve always liked Dierks Bentley…he’s great with love songs. Wink. I’ve been swept up before, just like this song requests; he says..andf I’m paraphrasing..lie to me, say you love me, just say the words I want to hear, just for tonight. We’d be lying to ourselves if we acted like we haven’t all felt that way before, you just check out of reality, get swept up in something that doesn’t make sense in the real world but for a few hours, it makes perfect sense.

I’m not too proud to admit the thrill of an encounter that is temporary and contrary to what we’re all taught, it’s hard to match. Feeling wanted, even if it’s a lie – to my mind, at least you know it’s a lie, and you can pretend without the hurt later. Cold and unfeeling, maybe – but let’s face it, that’s the way this world is, and to be a willing participant in something that satisfies us even temporarily, why the hell not?


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