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Oh boy has it ever been a long time since I’ve done a blog challenge! Elle of none other than Casualty of Wear, has implored me to join a challenge. A STYLE CHALLENGE.

Lil tidbit y’all – this bitch has her own style. I might have one or two pieces each season that are considered “in” but I assure you, it’s purely by accident. So at first, I told her, half the things on this challenge, I don’t even own! Not to worry, the ever sassy Elle advised, I could pick and choose.

Now she’s got my attention. So the challenge:

October style challenge

And OF COURSE, because I’m late to everything – I missed, of all things, the NAILED IT challenge. I know, Mouthy is falling down on her game. Shaddup, I’ve been enjoying fall. However, I am posting a day late (and definitely a dollar short) because my nails look fantastic and Halloweeny all at once. I completely NAILED IT!

Feline Fingers

The top left is the example I found on Pinterest, the bottom two photos are my finished job. AND….the eyes glow in the dark. Because, cats. Do you think I nailed it??


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