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I lose money and I lose hours at work that I need to get work done, and the money per hour that I would be getting if I was there. I’ve spent money I can’t afford to spend for a reason I don’t believe in, and all in the name of a materialistic society that perpetuates itself to a level of ridiculous I can’t even name.

You can keep your Christmas. You can keep whatever it is in it that you love so much even though it’s complete bullshit. I’ve read your bible, cover to cover – while most christians haven’t, I did. My decision to forego religion was like most of my decisions, informed and impassioned. You know why you’re instructed to read only certain passages? Because that book is FUCKED UP. Let’s not even discuss how many versions there have been, who’s had their hands in it and the science that completely debunks it, repeatedly.

I hate this time of year, the world is overrun with materialism and greed and the kids are falsely sweet because their entitled asses want something from their parents that they don’t deserve. And when I do get out to go to the damned grocery store or any retail anything, I’m asked to give up money, guilted even. I’ve never once had someone tell me I changed their life with a gift I’ve bought them. My son isn’t a better young man because of crap I bought him, in fact, I regret buying him an Xbox years ago, it benefits him in no way shape or form, I should’ve bought him a bookshelf and books to fill it.

I don’t want your Christmas, and I don’t want the other commercial bullshit holidays either, Valentine’s Day – I bet Christians thought that one up, let’s celebrate a massacre, that sounds like a great plan. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – none of that either. If these kids can’t appreciate their parents, the calendar shouldn’t be what reminds them to go get some BS card from Hallmark to commemorate feelings they don’t have.

I’m sick of the materialistic world, the one where I’m supposed to believe in some phantom that wants me to live in “his image”, I mean really, what the fuck does that even mean? His image is a lie, it’s some BS made up and a race that’s been disputed for years – if he even existed at all!. Religion gives people a false ideology, principles based on mythology and worse, a self righteous attitude that can make a person more susceptible to mental defect. Because to believe in that shit you have to forego your ability to reason and just believe, and “have faith”. It is of great concern to me that people are still so enraptured by a lie (despite proof of the alternative – no religion is necessary), but that’s the human condition, screw accountability, let’s just be heathens and ask forgiveness. It’ll be fine in the end.


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  1. God is just a name for the higher power that created us. That’s the name I’m most comfortable with, so that’s the name I use. Something started this whole world turning and for me that something is called God. I have read parts of the Bible and I think its a book of stories written by human beings, men for the most part, that tried to teach moral lessons. For the time, age and cultures they were written, they very well might have been the best way to mass teach. Things are different now, people are different now, therefore the lessons MUST be different to be valid.

    As far as the holiday season, I love Christmas for the feelings it brings. The solidarity of family and friends, it gives people an opportunity to say things they normally don’t have the wherewithal to say. Just the mention of the month of December gives the good people of the world, who usually keep their mouths shut for fear of being verbally attacked, the courage to say Merry Christmas, Happy holidays or something equally positive. The holiday season is what you make it. I’ve been ill for two years and haven’t had nearly as much money to spend at Christmastime. It surprised me that my daughter gets a couple gifts a year and is happy with that. I thought that she would believe she wasn’t good enough to get better gifts. I thought that I was a “bad parent” because I couldn’t spend money I didn’t have on her. She loved opening her gifts last year and understands that while they were high dollar, they did have a lot of thought and love behind them and that’s what this season is all about. Showing your family and friends that you care in a way you normally don’t have the chance to. To me its just like Valentines day, its not that you don’t love your significant other, its that you get a day to tell them in a special way how much they mean to you. Whether its a poem you found and made a copy of to hand to them, or a dozen dozen roses, its truly about the spirit behind those things.

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