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With the internet available at our fingertips, it amazes me sometimes, the sheer ignorance I see displayed, almost proudly. We have websites like Snopes, to debunk myths that are being spread, Wikipedia, where you can learn about all sorts of things…IMDB where you can research any actor that ever was in a movie or tv show that you liked..and the list goes’s the internet for crying out loud.

Information abounds in this day and age and still it’s resource remains untapped by some. Granted, it can be intimidating to people new to it, for me it came about as I progressed from teenager into adulthood – so it was a seamless transition more or less, for me. Not to mention that transcription is my trade, it stands to reason that anything that begins with a keyboard, I would be able to navigate, well.

Back to the point though – the overwhelming ignorance everywhere! I think what saddens me the most is when it is shown by someone I know and/or care about. Not only is it disheartening – it’s flat out disappointing. I’m sure we all have people in our lives that we know are a little on the radical side with their views and I would wager that most people I know, put me in that very category – which I’m fine with by the way. I don’t mind being on the radical side, people will remember me lol..fondly or not makes no real difference to me…

But what really gets under my skin is when political or religious things are spread that are false. Is it not enough that news outlets still write and report on things that aren’t really news, now my friends and family have to join the fray of misinformation and muddy water? It’s too much for me, most days I let it roll by and don’t think much of it..but when it’s inflammatory and I find it’s false, because I’ll do the research, most of my friends will be surprised and that’s that. I rarely have someone blowback to my attempt to educate them – why spread falsehoods, really? And once you know it’s false, why would you not just be contemplative – why argumentative – does that falsehood mean that much to them? This is a question we can posit to most of humanity – why spread lies, why share things that don’t better our society, ourselves?


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