Affluenza backfired…we’re not surprised

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You might’ve heard about this brat who was drunk driving and killed four people, injured two others in Fort Worth in 2013. His family is loaded and paid for a psychologist to testify as an expert witness that the boy “suffered” from Affluenza, a made up rich kid disorder that’s a quick way to say that his parents let him do whatever he wanted with no consequences. In short, how dare we impose consequences when the parents failed to do so and this punk became a police problem!

So a few weeks ago, a brave young lady forwarded a video of this punk playing beer pong with friends to the local police, as it was in direct violation of his probation. Subsequently, he missed a probation check in and now he nor his mother can be found. Coming from the investigative industry, I happen to know that the police can search cameras for the plates of any missing vehicles from the family and locate this punk, or at least the vehicle he is/was trying to escape Texas in to run from the law. If his family is well off enough, he could live in another country for the rest of his life, as long as his family is willing to pay for him to escape his murderous consequences.

Now I ask you all to contact Fort Worth PD and encourage them to utilize their resources to catch this brat and make him pay for the lives that will never get to be lived because he couldn’t be bothered to care. They have access to tools of the trade that will make it fairly simple to track him down if he’s still in the states. They can work with other states police departments…but every moment wasted, gets him closer to a comfort zone and away from the punishment he deserves.

Tweet them (this link), comment on their Facebook page, email them (, call them (Police Administration – 817-392-4200), whatever! Just please people, implore them to show us that our cops don’t have a made up disorder that keeps them from caring too.


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