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This is what my brain looks like right now. I know there are thought processes behind the fog but I can’t see them to reach out to them. I’ve been burning the midnight oil for days y’all. I was sick for a week already by last Thursday and the last few days I’ve had a gnarly sore throat complete with ear pain. EAR PAIN?? But I persist, and keep burning that oil all up in the night, I know it’s a commodity, I’m acting like I’m wealthy with it.

Last night, against my better judgment (which now is more like a whimper that says, “Whatever, you’re going to do whatever you want anyways, just whatever”) I burned up more of that oil. It gets interesting when I tell you that I’ve been taking dayquil and nyquil for my sore throat. In trying to get ahead of the symptoms this morning, I took a dose when I woke briefly at five and went back to sleep. Trying to be clever and nipping that sore throat before it can make me cranky.

I woke up at 7 (later than I should’ve) and moved a pillow to peep the clock – quickly getting irritated and jumping– okay, sitting up in bed. I look over at my nightstand and it occurs to me that what I took at 5 was Nyquil, as the dayquil was in my purse, and I know I didn’t reach in there at 5. Waiting for it to wear off, having to walk around every ten or so minutes makes for an interesting Thursday morning…I mean, yeah. Maybe later I’ll tell you about my Wednesday of Memories.

I’m off in search of toothpicks for my eyes. But seriously, how fucking long does Nyquil last?! ….so tired.


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