Where Are Your Manners? Rant

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What ever happened to manners? When someone holds a door open and waits for you to be able to enter, say Thank You. When someone says Thank you, say You’re Welcome! When you go out to eat, someone is SERVING YOU your food, they deserve a tip, and it’s 20% – not anything less unless the service is bad. And yeah, the delivery people count too, they use their personal vehicles to bring you food, deal with the elements to get it to you and then they have to deal with you, tip them! Here’s a big one for me, consideration of others. Where the hell did this concept go people? When you’re out shopping and you stop, move to the damn side of the aisle, the walkway – WHATEVER IT IS, GET OUT OF THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. That works for fender benders too, if you’re vehicle will drive, PULL IT OVER, out of the way! When you’re walking down the street – don’t walk down the middle and make vehicles wait for you, THAT’S RUDE.

Additionally, I’m calling on all parents and adults in general to become a community again, it takes a village to raise children, and if you’re not policing your own kids, someone else is well within their rights to tell your kid to stop doing something they shouldn’t be doing. If you don’t like it parents, DO A BETTER JOB WATCHING YOUR BRATS.

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