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Out of the blue it happened, I heard about one artist and it was an evolution of sorts that has led me to a place where I relish this newly found world…or I should say genre, for the sake of understanding. I wish I could recall the why and where of my first listen, the very first time I heard Black & Yellow by Josh Vietti. But once I did, I became curious and listened to a bit more of his music, quickly falling for it. I already love music, it takes me places like nothing else I know can. That song was a cover of a popular rap song that I abhor. Kinda funny huh?

After liking a few songs, I started a Pandora station, because that’s what I do when I want to explore a musical taste. I called “Instrumental Covers” and if anyone wants me to share it with them, comment below and I’ll send you a link – it’s great for those times you still want music you like but can’t afford the distraction of words. I have allowed precious few concertos and instrumental music that aren’t covers, like Lindsay Stirling – The Piano Guys…etc.

Check them out, you’ll like them, and if you don’t, well…hey different strokes – try it anyways 😉 Tonight is a long awaited karaoke night for myself and several friends, so y’all have a good weekend and if you can’t be good, be good at it!!


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