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I have a lot of things on my mental To Do list. Several books to read, no, more than several. Projects around my place to do, this blog to write, I’m working on something else I won’t tell y’all about yet… My job to do, my friends to see, karaoke to sing, at some point I’d like to have a good looking guy in my life that likes me A LOT. There’s also my teenager/adult in training for the BBW – Big Bad World (come on people stay with me) and so much more! Days like today, I have zero motivation for anything more than being in my bed watching a show I have been too busy to catch up on.

It’s getting done though…slowly but surely, all my things are getting done. I’m writing all the time, ALL THE TIME. I write at work for clients, emails, letters, pleadings, I write at home here and on social media, texting and all that…and my top secret project as well. SO MANY WORDS.

It’s crazy but it’s beautiful and I love it. I’m not a thumb twiddler, my brain is always firing off things to do, to remember, even the occasional internal guilt trip because I haven’t gotten around to certain things. Like my stack of books to read, I put them in a place where I see them every day…which has had zero affect.

Soon, I’ll get to you Mr. Vonnegut, very soon. So it goes.


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