I can’t keep a secret

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Other people’s secrets, I have no problem keeping, it’s easy because it’s not my business to tell. However, my own – they eat me up until I tell. So I’m telling on myself.

I’m writing a book. It’s early yet and I don’t know what genre it will fall into but it will find it’s home after I finish it. I write, or try to, write some every day and I’d like to finish by my birthday – which is looking more and more like it won’t happen. But one can never be certain, I could hit a few weeks of inspiration and finish it early, or I can go the opposite direction which I dare not name.

I’m not superstitious but I’m not tempting anything out there. That’s my top secret project mentioned in So Many Words. I think it’ll be interesting, and I did share a snippet on Facebook with my friends and family..the ones that read it liked it, but they’re obligated 😉

I intend to finish my book and if it doesn’t make it big, I’m fine with that, I’ll move on to the next – as it will be a series. You never know when one thing will set off a chain reaction 🙂 I never thought I had a book in me, and I still may not..but so far, I’m enjoying the characters I’ve created and the future I’ve designed for them. Tell me folks, what is the most scary thing you’ve ever undertaken, that you carried to completion?


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  1. for me it was starting a whole new career in a totally unrelated field at 30. I was afraid I would fold under the pressure, didnt think I could truly compete with the younger crowd since I had changed direction. But I went back to school and landed a couple jobs, the last one would have been an awesome resume item. I did it and I was so proud of myself, even the bad days slogging through the crap positions to get the experience I needed to climb that ladder were proud days for me. I still dont regret taking that chance, even though it may have contributed to my illness. I have always wanted to help people, my whole life. Hell I used to get into trouble in kindergarten for helping the other kids. I like helping people, taking care of them and that leap of faith taught me that no matter what the outcome, no matter where I am in life, I can help people and be happy while doing it. Work doesn’t have to suck. Feeling fulfilled with your job is the measure of true success. So write everyday, do research to see how bestselling novelists work to create, do something everyday to take a step toward that dream and you will get to where you want to be.

    • @Heather: You doll, are an inspiration. You get up and fight for yourself every day, when most would crawl into a small place and hide, you are sharing your struggle, successes, pain, everything. It’s encouraging to see you overcoming things, and even when you have a bad day, getting back at that fight the very next day. You truly inspire me. Thank you for your sweet words, I will keep working, and consuming all the helpful direction I can get. Cheers to your continued successes, and mine! <3
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