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I didn’t spend a lot of time researching this, but I did spend enough to know that my presumption based on what I learned in high school about The American Civil War was correct. Living in Texas we are deemed ignorant, bumpkins, rednecks, racists, republicans and whole host of other names, labels and stereotypes. It’s infuriating for those of us that are more progressive of thought, who believe in equality for all and that color is just a matter of ecological stimulation and regional ancestry in other countries or locales. COLOR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VALUE OF A HUMAN BEING.

That said, an acquaintance posted a picture of the confederate flag today, as a meme that read, “Posting this to offend the ignorant people.” Okay. Let’s address this bullshit shall we? I’ve been quiet about it because I personally believe that it’s ignorant to go around flashing a flag that you never fought under, nor your ancestors and that you really – if you operate with ANY logic at all, you would know it’s a symbol of racism and it’s not worthy of being flown. But yet, here we are in 2016, a century and a half later, still dealing with idiots who think it’s their birthright or some such nonsense to go around with this horrible thing as some sort of badge of honor.

HONOR, I tell you. It is absolutely abhorrent to think that The Civil War was about anything other than slave labor, we all learned this, we all know this – where the fuck is the mystery here people? But for some reason, we shouldn’t tie that in and call you a racist asshole for flying this symbol, or putting it the back window of your pickup truck or whatever else you choose to do with it?? STOP. If you’re ok with making other people feel threatened in your presence because you support a notion from 150 years ago, then that makes you an asshole. Point. Blank. Period.

You will never convince me of anything else. Anytime I see this flag represented by anyone, they are immediately less of a person in my eyes. Just like men who scoff and get all butthurt when they are met with feminists who believe in equality of the sexes, feminists have been dragged through the mud because men just can’t stand the thought of women competing on a level playing field, why? Because they know once they lose their power as men and they have to work on an even playing field, they’ll actually have to WORK HARD. The same was true of the plantation owners who rallied the southern people to fight for slave labor, THEY JUST DIDN’T WANT TO WORK.

Yeah, it’s easier to have someone else do it, even better if you can force them to do it for free. Again I must ask people, why in the Hell would you even think about supporting this notion by waving this symbol? Do you also tell your daughters that they must have long hair, wear dresses and make all the food? How antiquated are you people? I am just sick to death of the south getting a bad reputation, but I am even more sick to death of the jackasses that are the cause of this bad reputation. We are living in an age where cells are being regrown with stemcells – your TV can make things clearer than you can actually see them, you can watch Netflix on your couch while having conversations on your phone, while having food delivered without ever leaving the couch…and we want to act like what they were doing 150 years ago was a good idea?



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