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Typical of my age, and relationship situation, it’s Saturday night and I’m… At a bar. Watching the Texas Rangers, drinking at my safe bar safe I mean, I have low pig tails, a hat on and no makeup. Even if I were to get hit on here, I wouldn’t go anywhere with it. I’m glad I have a place like this to relax in, no pretense, no desire to spiff up for the people that come in here.

Most people my age are raising kids and doing parental stuff on the weekends. I’m past that now, my son has moved on to another part of his life, though I do hope he comes home once more, I wasn’t ready. Not by a long shot. I know he is though, so I’m not pushing.

The next several years will be transformational for me.. And I’m finally getting excited about that.

When you are at the point where your kiddos are grown and gone, what are your plans?

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2 thoughts on “Sitting At A Bar

  1. you know, I honestly thought I would be doing exactly what you are doing now. Being on my own, no one else to consider when I’m making plans for the night, or not having any plans at all, doing whatever I wanted, whatever came to mind. You and I missed out on having that time in our lives when we were foot loose and fancy free because we had babies to raise. Well you did it darlin, you raised a man without a man. This is your reward for all your hard work, this time in your life after kids and before grandkids is your golden time to rediscover who you are, and transform yourself into exactly who you want to be. So go, satisfy all your curiosities, do everything you ever dreamed of, this is your time to fly.

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