…and Overnight, Everything Changes!

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…my my my. When last we spoke, you and me, and the other three of you…I was sitting at a bar, lamenting and trying to be hopeful about my future. Missing my son, wishing things had been better the last few years and working on a glass half full attitude (I was failing miserably).


I’d been toying with the idea of moving to a smaller place, but I hate moving so I hadn’t really committed to the idea. A few days after our Saturday chat, I decided, found an apartment community that I liked and started a dialogue with them about availability.


Four days later I got the phone call that would pull me out of my funk ONCE AND FOR ALL.

I’d been interviewing for different positions for several months, and I’d been passed up for several positions, but one in particular had passed me by and I was, unquestionably, saddened by it. I had even gone so far as to let it knock me down a rung on my self esteem ladder (as if I have time to work on getting back up there..sheesh).

Then I get a call from the recruiter for that position. Evidently another position opened up and the company wanted to, and did, extend me an offer! This is in a field I’ve never worked in, only dabbled, and with a very large reputable worldwide company.


I’m looking at my life taking a complete 180 turn within the next two weeks and COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! Faith in positivity restored, my optimism is replenished and I look forward to all the interesting things that will be happening subsequently. For the first time in my life, being a new empty nester, I will move into my first one bedroom apartment completely alone.


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