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I’ve been interested in Tiny Living for around two years I think, and that has put me in such a mindset that I don’t really consider any other type of living any longer. Now, there are many a vehicle for this type of living (that’s a pun my tiny folks will get lol) and we all have our own ideals of the tiny life.

A few days ago, I noticed the backlash that is still out there about the idea, my friends are used to hearing about it and seeing me post about it on facebook, but when I noticed an associate of mine sharing a meme about tiny living, and the comments he received in return, I was reminded how foreign a concept this is for so many people. I was immediately defensive of my ideal and wanted to poke at the people making fun of the idea – none of which I did – different strokes right?

For me it comes down to dollars and sense. I have always been a bit left of typical with my finances, never really been into the credit game except as a project and I’m a stingy, thrift shopping kinda lady. So why wouldn’t I seek out an RV to live in for a couple years while I enjoy the ease of travel, the lowered financial requirements and ability to save for my future…all of these are such benefits that outweigh for me the need for space.

I also have the benefit of having friends that have done it that will tell me the things they encountered while living this lifestyle..I have the benefit of knowledge, and connections to SO MANY people that are ready and happy to give advice on anything I might have a question about.

What’s not to love?? But again – two years in this mindset, I’m hard pressed to see negatives. Renting a room in someone else’s home is the closest I’ve ever gotten and the way that I look at RV living is different now than it was a year ago when I was paying for a two bedroom apartment. I’ve done so much downsizing now that when I look at an RV and the space inside, I’m excited – it’s bigger than my current living space!

I’ve made great strides and I’m so excited about getting so much closer to my goals.

larsen9236 / Pixabay

larsen9236 / Pixabay


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