Is It Really News?

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With the internet available at our fingertips, it amazes me sometimes, the sheer ignorance I see displayed, almost proudly. We have websites like Snopes, to debunk myths that are being spread, Wikipedia, where you can learn about all sorts of things…IMDB where you can research any actor that ever was in a movie or tv show that you liked..and the list goes’s the internet for crying out loud.

Information abounds in this day and age and still it’s resource remains untapped by some. Granted, it can be intimidating to people new to it, for me it came about as I progressed from teenager into adulthood – so it was a seamless transition more or less, for me. Not to mention that transcription is my trade, it stands to reason that anything that begins with a keyboard, I would be able to navigate, well.

Back to the point though – the overwhelming ignorance everywhere! I think what saddens me the most is when it is shown by someone I know and/or care about. Not only is it disheartening – it’s flat out disappointing. I’m sure we all have people in our lives that we know are a little on the radical side with their views and I would wager that most people I know, put me in that very category – which I’m fine with by the way. I don’t mind being on the radical side, people will remember me lol..fondly or not makes no real difference to me…

But what really gets under my skin is when political or religious things are spread that are false. Is it not enough that news outlets still write and report on things that aren’t really news, now my friends and family have to join the fray of misinformation and muddy water? It’s too much for me, most days I let it roll by and don’t think much of it..but when it’s inflammatory and I find it’s false, because I’ll do the research, most of my friends will be surprised and that’s that. I rarely have someone blowback to my attempt to educate them – why spread falsehoods, really? And once you know it’s false, why would you not just be contemplative – why argumentative – does that falsehood mean that much to them? This is a question we can posit to most of humanity – why spread lies, why share things that don’t better our society, ourselves?


When I say Damn

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What a difference a night of sleep can make, with regard to emotion and perspective. My life has no shortage of drama, and I let it get to me yesterday and entertained a full on mad mood. FOR HOURS. This is not like me at all, and in this early morning light, I’m a bit ashamed of myself.

Now we’re at Tuesday, and I’m determined to have a good day. For many reasons, but the primary one being, it’s a beautiful day and my hair looks great!


Challenge Accepted!

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Oh boy has it ever been a long time since I’ve done a blog challenge! Elle of none other than Casualty of Wear, has implored me to join a challenge. A STYLE CHALLENGE.

Lil tidbit y’all – this bitch has her own style. I might have one or two pieces each season that are considered “in” but I assure you, it’s purely by accident. So at first, I told her, half the things on this challenge, I don’t even own! Not to worry, the ever sassy Elle advised, I could pick and choose.

Now she’s got my attention. So the challenge:

October style challenge

And OF COURSE, because I’m late to everything – I missed, of all things, the NAILED IT challenge. I know, Mouthy is falling down on her game. Shaddup, I’ve been enjoying fall. However, I am posting a day late (and definitely a dollar short) because my nails look fantastic and Halloweeny all at once. I completely NAILED IT!

Feline Fingers

The top left is the example I found on Pinterest, the bottom two photos are my finished job. AND….the eyes glow in the dark. Because, cats. Do you think I nailed it??


Heads up!

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There are a lot of little philosophies we develop throughout life, some of us share them, some of us don’t, but we all have them. One that seems to cross my mind frequently is old, but good, “There’s a time and a place for everything”.

I believe that to be 100% true and valid, within reason, let’s not go off on a tangent here about exceptions. I think of this phrase as it pertains to my own behavior as well as others, more often others. Not that I’m infallible, but I already act according to my own philosophies most of the time anyways. I believe certain philosophies we carry should be shared with the younger generation, the best way to learn is to learn from someone else’s mistakes, rather than your own.

If the younger generations listen to our rhetoric and pay attention to what we do, they can have a much better effect on the world than we did. This is the way the chain of life is supposed to go, each generation gets smarter, better and more caring about this rock we live on.

One of my other philosophies is that our children have to develop a love for the outdoors before we allow them to spend mass amounts of time with technology. By technology I mean gaming and other recreational technology use that doesn’t lend them to gaining more knowledge. By all means teach them to code, teach them to work with robotics, throw so much at their minds that it’s forced to adapt to learning quickly. Technology has provided a closeness to others in the world that we’ve never known before and communication across the world happens all the time – that’s exciting. But it’s not everything. We have a world right here at our fingertips to enjoy and appreciate right here in HD color right in front of our eyes, without the threat of tired eyes from staring at a screen.

Summer is coming and the kids will be out of school soon, if you have no limits on technology for your children now, I encourage you to do so before they are allowed to have the days consumed by their gaming systems, tablets or cell phones. There is more to life, THERE ARE PEOPLE.