I’m Different, So?

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If someone is different than you are, guess what, they’re different. Big. Fucking. Deal. EVERYONE is different, from head to toe, none of us are the same. Some people are born in bodies that don’t reflect who they are, some are born in bodies that don’t work properly, some of us are born in bodies that have minds that work differently. Our similarity is our humanity and consciousness. There are some that have no humanity and refuse to be understanding of the differences between us and would go so far as to murder another human being for that difference.

This should be UNACCEPTABLE to everyone. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.


I Could Tell You

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I could tell you 

That I’ll love you forever

You will always be my undoing 

I miss you every day 

That I wish you were a better man

But why would I tell you

When it won’t change a thing

You will always be 

The person who took advantage

Of an already damaged heart

The man who broke me 

Right in two

I could tell you

But what good would it do?



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That time I said goodbye

Knowing I’d see you again

Waving as I walked away

Smiling about when I’d come back

But you weren’t there

When I came back

You weren’t there 

And no one was smiling

I cried, everyone was crying

But you weren’t 

You looked asleep

And you didn’t wake when I called to you

Like you always used to.